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MID Labs - Property Investment Analysis at the next level

property investment analysisOur financial modellers have been hard at work and now our code monkeys are stocking up on extra banana's to get the next evolution of My Investment Decision property analysis calculator ready. We have some great new features and we are also improving our interface in order to make it easy for people to use the site. That's right, we've listened to what you said was difficult and are trying hard to address those issues.

Currently,  we are working on a new version of our financial model.

You may have noticed a more prominent feedback button. We have been trying to encourage feedback. If you have anything to say, even if it is just to say "hi, I'm confused" or "what about this?" we'd love to hear from you.

We have been incorporating user feedback in order to make the model more robust, so that it can answer more complicated questions, but also cater to people who have less complicated queries. For example we are currently working on a link up with Washington Brown depreciation specialists to have automatic estimations of depreciation for your property. 

The MID team has been working hard on some other features too. These include analysis at a portfolio level, scenario analysis that will allow you to enter the changes to your scenario, and a comparison tool which will enable you to show two properties on the same result sheet.

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