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What is My Investment Decision or MID?

My Investment Decision or MID™ is an investment property analysis company that helps you understand the merits and risks of an investment property based on your expectations on the property's future performance. Our mission is to change the way Australians invest in property and simplify the often daunting process of investing in property.

MID's investment property analysis application unlocks the property investment techniques used by professionals, combined with a technology platform that will deliver an understandable and user-friendly application for all property investors.

Why should I use MID?

Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, many investors have suffered financial loss as a result of not understanding the investment they are making. More importantly, many people who invest in property do not understand exactly how much they are making when they invest in property nor do they understand the level of financial risk they are taking. By using MID's Investment Property Analysis Application™, investors are able to quantify the benefits of their property investment as well as understand the associated risk with making an investment. By developing a better understanding about the implications of investing in property, investors become better equipped with making the most optimal investment choice.

How can MID help me invest in property?

MID can help you understand the financial implications of investing in property. When you understand your investment, you will build more confidence with your investment decision. MID's Investment Property Analysis Application™ will create simple and easy to understand results, which will highlight the merits and risks of your investment property based on the information that you input. You can compare these merits and risks to your investment objectives to help you determine whether the investment is suitable.

How much does it cost to use MID?

MID's current investment property analysis application is free of charge. However this is for a limited time only so be quick to check out how MID can help you make a smarter investment decision with investing in property.

What is the MID Investment Property Analysis Application?

The MID Investment Property Analysis Application™ is a proprietary application developed by the founders of My Investment Decision (MID). The Application was developed using methodologies and principles that are used by financial professionals at large corporations and has designed the application in such a way that it is meaningful to property investors at all levels.

The MID Investment Property Analysis Application is based on concept of risk and return. This means that an investment should not be assessed on the basis of just return or risk alone but in conjunction with each other. This is the foundation of the MID Methodology which has been integrated within the MID Investment Property Analysis Application.

How do I use MID's Investment Property Analysis Application?

Using the MID Investment Property Analysis Application™ is very simple. Our input wizard will guide you through filling out all the necessary information you need to perform the property analysis. Once you are finished with the input wizard, MID will generate results which will highlight the benefits and risks of your investment property based on the information you input into the application. You can use the results to help you decide whether the benefits and risks associated with the investment property meet your investment objectives.

What is in the MID Investment Property Analysis Results Sheet?

The MID Investment Property Analysis Results Sheet™ provides the analysis of your investment property in an easy to read pdf document that can be emailed and printed. The Results Sheet displays a graph showing the results of your property based on the information that you provide us through the input wizard. Key results are also displayed in a table format which is then consolidated into a RRA measure (Risk and Return Assessment). The RRA figure can be used as the primary measure when analysing the merits and risks of the property investment.

Does the MID Property Results Sheet tell me whether I should invest in the property?

The MID Property Results Sheet™ will not tell you exactly whether you should or should not invest in the property. The main reason is that every investor has unique investment objectives and risk appetite levels and therefore any recommendation has to be made in light of your unique circumstances. If you are looking for advice, we recommend you speak to a financial advisor who can recommend a course of action suitable for you. The MID Investment Property Analysis Application and the MID Property Results Sheet is designed so you can understand the property merits and risks and therefore it will be up to you to decide whether you want to invest in the property based on the analysis that we have provided to you.

What type of information will I need before I can use the MID Investment Property Analysis Application?

The MID Investment Property Analysis Application™ requires some basic information about your property. The most important pieces of information you will need before starting the analysis are:
1) Purchase price for the property
2) Loan amount including the term of the loan and interest rate
3) The expected rent of the property
4) General expenses such as strata, council and utility rates
5) Your marginal tax rate

The rental and capital growth rates are also extremely important inputs however MID Input Wizard will provide you with guidance on how to best estimate these rates.

What if I don't have enough information about the property to perform the analysis?

We understand that you might not have all the information available to you if you are looking to buy a property. The MID Input Wizard™ has many sources to guide you in obtaining relevant information for the investment analysis. In addition to this, there are some specific property information (such as strata fees and council rates etc) which you might be able to obtain through Property classifieds websites such as Realestate.com.au or Domain, or you can ask your real estate agent.

Alternatively, the MID analysis has the flexibility to exclude the information in the analysis if you don't have it handy (note: there are some mandatory fields which have an asterisks (*) marked next to it). This will reduce the accuracy of your results however it may still provide you with valuable indications about the viability of the prospective property investment. When using MID with incomplete information, think about the impact of the missing pieces of information on the results or alternatively you can input an estimate through the wizard and amend the information when they become more clear to you.

How accurate are the MID Property Results?

The accuracy of the MID Property Results Sheet™ will depend on the accuracy of the information that you input into the MID Investment Property Analysis Application. That is why you should always interpret your results in light of your personal circumstances as well as the quality of information that you have. For example, if you are looking to buy a specific investment property but you do not know the rent that the property would generate, you might use the average rent for the suburb. This will mean that the outputs from the results sheet may be different from your actual circumstance as it will be unlikely that your actual rent will equal the average rent that you have assumed. Therefore you should use the results sheet to give you an estimate of the merits and risks of the property which will improve with more accurate information.

Can I get support in using the MID Investment Property Analysis Application?

The MID support team will be able to help solve all your technical problems. Simply lodge a Request Form with details of your request.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to MID™ is simple. All you need to do is to enter you email address and assign a password and you will be able to use the MID Investment Property Analysis Application™. Click here to go straight to the Sign Up page.

What details do I need to signup?

Signing up to MID™ is free and easy. All you need is to type in your email and create a password.

Can I change the results after I have completed the Input Wizard?

Yes. You are able to edit the information that you have previously entered into the MID Wizard™. Simply log in and select the property that you wish to change.

What is a RRA?

The Risk and Return Assessment (RRA) is the key measure that summarises the performance of the property on a specific feature. For example, The Average Return on Deposit RRA summarises the performance of the property in terms of its profit over and above your initial deposit. The MID Results Sheet will help you interpret this measure when you are analysing your investment property.

What are the risks of property investment?

When investing in property, the risks you face include falling house prices, rising interest rates, tenanting problems and damage to the structural integrity of the property. On top of these generic risks, there is another risk over which you have considerable control — the amount of money that you borrow. The more money you borrow, the greater your financial power or investment leverage. It means you have more potential to make money but also a greater chance of losing money.

As an investor, you should understand the impact of these risks to your property investment. Through the MID Investment Property Analysis Application™, you are able to see the impact of some of these risks on your property so you can be aware and manage those risks appropriately.

How are the results delivered?

After signing up to the website and on completing the easy to use MID input wizard™, the results will be available for download straight from the website and a copy will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Does MID provide financial advice?

No, although MID™ is designed to help you analyse a property investment, we do not provide financial advice of any form. MID provides the calculators to help you in the investment process but we recommend you speak to a financial advisor when a making a final decision about a property investment or loan.

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