MID aspires to change the way Australians invest in property by unlocking property investment techniques used by professionals, combined with developing the technology platform necessary to deliver an understandable and user-friendly application for all property investors. To that end, we have launched the MID Standard Investment Property Analysis Application™ that will be offered absolutely free.  

We intend to break down boundaries and will continue to develop new and innovative features that will be more accessible and customisable for all property investors.

Is my mortgage affordable?

A smart investor once said that where there is no debt, there is no deal. Very few investors have the capability to make property investments without a mortgage. An optimal amount of debt can increase an investor’s return also if the investor is able to manage their risk. Poor debt decisions may result in financial stress or even bankruptcy. Smart investors understand a property investment's mortgage profile and aims to reduce the mortgage to increase the equity value in a property investment.

MID Investment Property Analysis Application™ provides the tools necessary for investors to easily understand the interest and principle payment outlook for a mortgage and helps investors manage their mortgage. Some of the questions that MID helps to answer include:

Will the cash flow from the property cover the interest and principle payments on the mortgage?

MID makes it easy for you to automatically determine whether the cash flow on your investment property is enough to cover your interest and principle mortgage payment obligations.

After paying down both principle and interest on the loan, what is my total Cash Profit?

If cash remains after paying off the interest and principle on the mortgage, MID also has a feature that shows you exactly how much excess cash you have to help you make smarter decisions with your budgeting. 1

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