MID aspires to change the way Australians invest in property by unlocking property investment techniques used by professionals, combined with developing the technology platform necessary to deliver an understandable and user-friendly application for all property investors. To that end, we have launched the MID Standard Investment Property Analysis Application™ that will be offered absolutely free.  

We intend to break down boundaries and will continue to develop new and innovative features that will be more accessible and customisable for all property investors.

What is my expected depreciation on my property?

What is my expected depreciation on my property?

A smart investor uses depreciation to improve the tax position on their investment. Depreciation is a non-cash expense which investors when reporting their taxable income to the Government. This means that an investor can get a sizable tax deduction without having to spend cash on the property. On many occasions, the depreciation amount is large enough that it may make a property negatively geared without the investor having to be cash flow negative.

Through our friends at Washington Brown, you can estimate your depreciation which can help in determining the tax implications on your property.

* This is a professional feature, coming soon

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