MID aspires to change the way Australians invest in property by unlocking property investment techniques used by professionals, combined with developing the technology platform necessary to deliver an understandable and user-friendly application for all property investors. To that end, we have launched the MID Standard Investment Property Analysis Application™ that will be offered absolutely free.  

We intend to break down boundaries and will continue to develop new and innovative features that will be more accessible and customisable for all property investors.

What is my risk exposure?

A smart investor does not ignore the risks and clearly sets risk tolerance levels for how much cash an investor is willing to reinvest into the property in adverse circumstances.

Risk is one of the most important aspects of investing yet many people either do not understand or even consider risk. Since every person has their own levels of risk appetite, evaluating performance based on risk will also be subject to an investor's individual circumstances. For example, an investment property may have high capital gains but also heavy negative cash in the early years of the investment. Investors with little spare cash will have a lower tolerance for risk as they are unable to withstand the heavy cash burden in supporting the investment.

If the cash burden becomes too high, an investor may be forced sell the property. This may lead to significant losses. 

MID’s Investment Property Analysis Application™ makes it easy for smart investors to manage their risk exposure by helping you determine whether your property investment is costing you more than you can manage.1

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